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Equine Veterinary Care

If you need high-quality veterinary care for your horses, look no further than El Campo Animal Hospital. We offer comprehensive equine ambulatory care for horses in El Campo and the surrounding areas, in addition to full-service preventive care services in our clinic.

We recommend routine health and wellness checks to make sure your horse isn’t suffering from any medical issues. Recurring problems can easily turn into serious complications if not diagnosed early.

The experienced team at El Campo Animal Hospital will perform a complete physical exam and oral assessment to gauge your horse’s overall wellbeing. We also offer in-house bloodwork and the Coggins test as needed.

El Campo Animal Hospital provides the following equine veterinary services:

  • Joint Injections - Treat pain and inflammation.
  • Dentistry - Horses should get a dental exam at least once a year. We use the Power Float system to fully evaluate the teeth and gums and smooth chewing surfaces.
  • Surgery - We perform routine castrations, tumor removal, and wound repair in our fully-equipped surgical facility.
  • Diagnostics - We offer advanced diagnostic technology including digital x-ray and ultrasound technology.
  • Farrier services
Horse head in profile
Horse head in profile

Equine Products

El Campo Animal Hospital offers a full line of equine vaccines, parasite prevention products, and supplements:

  • Vaccines — to prevent diseases such as West Nile, Tetanus, Strangles, Rabies, Eastern, Western, and Venezuelan Encephalitis, Rhinopneumonitis, and Influenza.
  • Parasite Control — We carry various dewormers including Strongid®, Quest® Plus, Ivermax®, Zimectrin® Gold, Anthelcide®, and Panacur® Power Pac.
  • Supplements and Accessories
  • Platinum Performance® Products
  • Back On Track® products - Western Legacy
  • Iconoclast products® - Easy Boot
  • Zylkene®
  • Oral electrolytes
  • EndurExtra®
  • Lubrisyn® HA Plus
  • Runner's Relief™ Poultice
  • Magic Cushion™ Xtreme
  • Sore No More® Liniment
  • Biotin Powder
  • Foal-Lac® Pellets
  • Hoof Alive®

To learn more about El Campo Animal Hospital equine veterinary services, please call us at (979) 275‑1634.