Cameron graduated from Palacios High School in 2015 and began working as a technician at the Palacios Veterinary Clinic. In 2017 she moved to Bay City Veterinary Clinic, where she was able to further her knowledge and skill. She has two dogs, Piper and Koda, that love to spend time boating on the Tres Palacios River. Her favorite part of her job is solving difficult cases and comforting patients during their stay.


Certified Veterinary Assistant

Casey, a 2020 Louise High School Graduate, spent her senior year becoming a Certified Veterinary Assistant so she could jump into a clinic with 10 toes down! Though her own rescues keep her very preoccupied, she does her best to spend time at barrel races and making memories with friends and family. Her favorite part of this job is being able to help each and every animal that comes through the door, and seeing them leave with wagging tails!


Office Manager

Harli Blalock just recently joined our team as our office manager. At the moment, she only works part-time. She graduated from Bellville High School in 2012. Two years later, after some changes in her line of work due to life events. She joined the Bay City Veterinary team. At BCVC she worked as a kennel technician, receptionist, assistant technician, and veterinary technician. She served as an employee there for quite a few years. Before going to the Bay City Animal Impound. Harli met her husband Wesley at the Impound when he was volunteering there mowing grass. They soon married and began traveling for her husband’s pipelining jobs. In 2020, they welcomed their baby boy Caysen Wesley. Once life had settled down her and her husband decided to plant roots in the Bay City area. That’s when she decided to go back to work. She currently works for ECAH and for BCVC as a weekend vet tech and takes call once a month. Harli loves working with animals and is very passionate about the line of work she has chosen. She plans to return as a full-time employee someday. In Harli’s spare time, she enjoys spending time with her husband and son. Whether it’s going on trips, doing daily life things, or just staying in and watching movies.


Vet Assistant

Malana, was raised in Louise, Texas. Her family of 4 tiny humans and 4 fur babies, are currently living in Ricebird Country and loving every moment. Part of the reason she loves working at the animal hospital is getting to better the lives of our patients and clients on a consistent basis. This tech makes the most of any free time she acquires, by delighting in her kids company or simply relaxing at home. In the future she hopes to continue furthering her knowledge and skill in animal medicine.


Vet Assistant

Melanie, a 2020 graduate from Louise high school, spends the majority of her time helping take care of any bovine or equine in need. Any extra moments she has been spent with her menagerie of animals and making memories with friends. The most satisfying portion of her job is getting to be a part of bettering her patient’s health and giving her clients peace of mind for the future.



Born and raised in Wharton County. Rosemary is twenty-one years of age and has always been a small town girl. She absolutely loves the beauty of nature and all of God’s creations big or small. Raised in a one parent household by her mother, she was brought up to be a strong and independent women. Who absolutely will help anyone in anyways she can. Rosemary enjoys spending most of her time with loving boyfriend of six years watching movies, playing with their three dogs, or going away on weekend adventures making memories. She came to join our clinic family on May 5th of 2021. Learning more and more everyday to help our furry friends.



Savannah, 25, was born and raised in Matagorda county. After spending the last several years hiding in the Big Horn Mountains, she came down to join our clinic family in early March 2021! She is a mother of two beautiful young ladies, Athena 7 and Ainsley 2. The small clan of three spends majority of their free time on the beach, covered in sand and chasing their pointer, Olly! One of Savannah’s favorite things about working in the hospital is furthering her knowledge every day in any way possible to better understand and serve our patients!


Lead Veterinary Technician

Stefanie, was born and raised in small-town Wharton, TX. As a young lady, she has always had a passion for caring for small animals and while growing up she enjoyed watching her grandfather and uncles work livestock and horses. Budding from that came her inspiration to further her education in animal medicine. Not only is she a full-time tech, but she is also a loving and devoted mother of 3. With Rae’lene, Will Jr., and Stefan, Stefanie and her husband, Will, are defiantly staying on their toes. During their free time, they enjoy spending time with their little family and taking new adventures every chance they get.